Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top five most over rated characters in cop culture

Lets be fair, there are some characters who we all love, and some that are just a flash in the pan, but some are pushed and held up as nerd icons and shoved down our collective throats to the point we couldn't care less about their latest exploits, or how cool most people seem to think they are. In short they are over rated.

5- Chuck Norris- Instead of a chin, he has another fist? He invented rap music when his heart started beating? Oh come on! am I the only one who is sick and tired of this has been conservative blowhard schill for the total gym being treated as a godlike being because someone decided to start some of the most dumbass memes on the net? Yeah he's actually a real person, unlike everyone else on this list, I guess being a parody of one's self has it's perks.

Oh and this is the funniest Chuck Norris fact.

4- Drizzt Do'Urden- Anyone who has ever slung a d20 has heard of this jackhole, a renegade of an evil race meant to be foes for your player characters, Drizzt, has turned every munchkin player into a renegade Drow ranger with a dual wield feat for scimitars, assuming their DM will let them get by with it meanwhile R.A. Salvatore pumps out book after book of munchkin mental masturbation, the result? Pissing off DMs everywhere who are sick of hearing it from wannabes.

3- Boba Fett- The Baddest ass Bounty Hunter of the Star Wars Saga? well think about this he is based on the same genetic template as EVERY INCOMPETENT ASS STORM TROOPER!! This also might explain why other than standing around looking cool all he really did is tie up Luke for a second before getting accidentally killed by a blind guy and his pet wookie. Seriously, why is this guy so damn popular again. I get it when I was a kid he was a big mystery one 8 minute shot on the Star Wars Holiday Special, and the first free mail away figure in the Star Wars line, He was a cool enigma, now we know him, we've met his dad, and seen his home, and watched him die like a little bitch, let it go he just ain't all that!

2- Deadpool- Ah yeah, the Merc with a mouth, everyone's favorite rip off of Deathstroke the Terminator, mixed with Ambush Bug. Need I mention he was co created by Rob Liefeld? I understand other writers may have polished this turd into something magical, but to me he's a one trick pony that has been done better by others. but yet the fans love gives us Deadpool the video game, the Deadpool Corps (seriously!?) and The annoying mouthless supermutant in X-men origins, Wolverine which every fanboy has lamented to this day played by Ryan (please stop me from being in a comic based movie) Reynolds.

1- Wolverine- What can I say, I have never understood the attraction. Woo Hoo, he's got knives that come out of his knuckles! WOW what a power! He can regenerate so fast that any heroic sacrifice is anything but, plus he's got unbreakable bones. He's a colossal jerk playing up the "dark loaner" Image to the point of who gives a crap? He's had his origin redone several times to make him "cooler" Still not cool enough, let's give him a son named un-ironically enough "Dark Wolverine" and a daughter called X-23, so we can have our wolverine and our cute dark haired goth girl fantasies all in one. Seriously one of the most over rated characters I have ever run across.

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