Sunday, June 2, 2013

So apparently, Jerry Doyle is a colossal douche nozzle..

So, here is the deal I have always loved Babylon-5. In my mind it was far superior to Star Trek Deep Space Nine. J. Michael Stryzinski crafted a 5 year story arc that took risks that Star Trek never could.  In tng, and ds9 there were multiple promises of the heroes going rogue from the federation. the first season ender of TNG was called conspiracy parts 1&2. In which the enterprise had to "go rogue" to save the federation from an evil outside influence. 2 hours later all is well the federation has nothing but praise for Picard's actions, and no harm, no foul. In Insurrection the whole plot was about the crew rebelling against star fleets wishes. And again in under 2 hours, it is well known that the admiral who set this up was flawed, even saw the error of his ways and Picard for all his bucking of the systems, was in the right, no harm, no foul. But in Babylon 5 they had an actuall coup that did not resolve in under 2 hours, the crew didn't just get proven to be in the right and all is forgiven, it had a civil freaking war, and fallout. the show also had one of the most incredible time travel episodes of all time. Planned in first season,we wouldn't see the fruits of the set up for a couple of seasons. But it was totally worth it. part of this was due to the first season ender in which commander Jeffery Sinclair (played by the late Michael O'Hare) was mysteriously replaced by John Sherridan (Played by Tron alum Bruce Boxlietner). While rumors would fly as to why mostly about wanting a bigger name for the lead, Stryzinski had stated it was all part of the story. And as O'Hare did come back for a large 2 parter that did seem to cleaver ate this story. Truth or not, it was clear O'Hare left on good terms. Had this been a poor parting, we probably would have seen what happened with Star Trek 2 and 3, Kirsty Alley had over estimated her value to the movie franchise demanded more money, and by Star Trek 3, Saavik was being played by Robin Curtis. But in con appearances, and all other public forums there had been absolutely no bad blood, or any reason to believe that this was anything but the way the show was meant to go.

Fast forward to today, Recently J. Michael Stryzinski came forward with another version of events. Apparently now that O'Hare has passed Stryzinski came forth with the fact that O'Hare was suffering from some pretty severe mental disorders. A secret he had kept for some time apparently, O'Hare realized the show was just getting its legs, and decided to leave of his own accord. Having never heard this it was sad to know that O'Hare was so troubled, and noble that he did what he did. Stryzinski also showed some class by waiting until some time after his death. After all this really is a personal matter for O'Hare, and his loved ones. Not a spectacle for fans to pick his life apart. I for one was completely satisfied with the original he left because it was part of the character's story, and never felt the need to delve deeper. stryzinskiss big reveal dis surprise some people but people who listen to O'hare's former co-star Jerry Doyle on his syndicated conservative talk radio show, came out saying Doyle had already said as much on multiple occasions. Complaining that O'Hare was hard to work with and a "whack job." Damn. Way to stay classy Jerry Doyle. I have only listened to your show once or twice, mostly because he is on the other end of the political spectrum, from me. But I can dislike someone's politics and still respect them. But for someone to bitch and moan and air his dirty laundry about a fellow cast member's demons is total crap. This wasn't some this guy was a jerk to everyone on set scenario, the man had some personal demons, and was clearly trying to handle them considering you don't hear the rest of the cast pissing and moaning about it. this is especially funny considering that Doyle brings up his work on Babylon 5 even in the intro of the show, his damn website for the show uses the same freaking font. Listen Jerry, Sean Hannity, was in the siege with Denzel Washington, he doesn't feel the need to put that in his shows intro. It's kind of sad that you have to cling to your acting credentials when your radio show has nothing to do with science, sci fi, or even acting. So in short, while I loved Babylon 5, and even love the character of Michael Garabaldi, I have little respect for the actor who played him. Stay classy Jerry, or ,auberge get some class huh?


  1. It's very possible that Jerry didn't know what was going on to Michael, and didn't learn about it until this year.
    Also, some of the traits that Michael displayed could have been very upsetting to the other members of the cast, and without understanding Michael's issues, Jerry might have gone into a meeting with JMS and demanded that Michael be removed from the show, which might have been irrelevant because JMS and Michael might have already made the decision to leave the show.
    JMS couldn't have told Jerry what was going on, out of respect for Michael, and Michael might have started to see that he had a problem after the first two incidents that Jerry mentioned on his podcast had occurred. In short, after the breakfast/radio incident, and the ordering more drinks/'don't try to control me' incident, Michael might have seen something that he needed to deal with, and talked with his close friend JMS, to see a way of easily leaving the show.
    However, all Jerry knows is Michael is not acting reasonably, and JMS isn't willing to discuss a friends mental issues with Jerry.
    If Michael had punched someone on the set, the truth is the show would be protected, and when Michael was leaving the show, his wishes would also be followed, which included NOT mentioning to anyone that he had refused to delay shooting for others who were working on the show. Again, from Jerry's standpoint, he sees someone commit assault, and yet because of his position in the show, is not held responsible.
    Of course now that the truth is out, and we now understand more about Michaels issues, and his refusal to have many people lose their livelihood, Jerry does look like a big jerk, but he didn't understand what was going on, just what Michael was doing.
    One final part about this was that JMS did want Michael for the entire run of the show, but realized that Michael couldn't be involved with to major story arcs, and Bruce got the second one, this also led to different 'rumours' about what was going on, and even led to someone being sued because of comments they made about Michaels 'supposed illicit drug use'.
    These could have easily led Jerry to write Michael problems off, because Jerry honestly didn't know what was going on.
    I've never heard before this year that Richard Biggs was virtually deaf, even though I was a big fan of the show, and a bigger fan of his after seeing him in the extra video clip on the DVD remake of Dawn of the Dead. No one from the show mentioned it, and I was unaware. Were you aware? If not, it might have been because Richard didn't want it made known, and his coworkers respected that, including Jerry Doyle.

  2. What sucks about hearing this after watching the show, then re-watching, makes a bad taste in my mouth. So with X-box One coming out i am trading in all five seasons for something that is better and doesn't shatter a show that i thought was just great the way it is... Thanks again to you die hard fans for turning into the Centauri invasion... Couldn't leave well enough alone. I gp looking for some information on hidden easter eggs for this show, and i get this garnage. Great Job J. Michael Stryzinski....

  3. ...let me get this straight, You're attacking a guy because he's a conservative, and defending a drug abusing mental case who punched a girl in the stomach on set. Please kill yourself.

  4. I think its easy to cast Jerry Doyle as a jerk now, with the benefit of hindsight and knowledge Jerry did not possess. But there are a lot of very reasonable people who would refuse to work with someone based on bad behavior, which sadly is a point not in dispute with O'Hare. It's very possible that Jerry would have been more forgiving if he understood what Michael was really going through and why.

    But in our daily lives, we react to what we see, what we experience, and what we know. We don't get to truly witness the inner struggles of a man who can barely keep it together - we only see the results when some of the bubbling insanity leaks out of the pressure cooker.

    I see this as a tragic situation, but not as a condemnation of either Jerry -or- Michael.

  5. I found the venturi tube and it is the author if this blogspot blog.

  6. When a group of people spend time in a high stress environment like a TV show, cracks are bound to appear. I don't think he deserves the rage, less so now, RIP Jerry ...

  7. Goodbye my old friend
    From the stars we came. To the stars we return, from now until the end of time.

  8. With all due respect, I don't think Doyle knew the extent to which O'Hare was facing difficulties. Let's face it... we all deal with whack jobs that aren't outside the regular spectrum. I'm talking people who don't have a bona fide pathology.... but are just normal crazy, if you know what I mean.

    I'm sure there are people you know to be whack jobs, and you say as much.