Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Jerry MacGuire. (God I hated that movie.)

So the new challange is if I were a sports agent whom would I sign, that would be easy

I would have to start with Jeffery Lebowski, expert Bowler, and If I were to start a team, an excellent coach, the Dude abides, and he has Walter for all the screaming and yelling, and Donnie for all the technical stuff.

As for athletes from the world of Pop Culture, I have quite a few Ideas,  First off Bobby Bouche, an incredible athlete, and offensive tackle. A man with strategy (visualize and then attack) and he performs double duty on the field, what's not to like?
Now for my next choice, I am going Olympic, and I want to make it clear that magic is not the same as juicing. I will not abide performance enhancing drugs (but magic potions are not the same) They were a hit at the Olympic Games (Cesear said so) Asterix and Obelix, Olympic champions and definitely not juicing (magic DOES NOT count as juicing!)
Speaking of magic and sports I am also going to claim Harry Potter and the whole Griffyndor Quidich team, it's a rough sport as is but add that he survived attacks by he who must not be named, and live, he could make a mint going pro!
and last (But by no means least) a man who makes Chuck Norris piss his pants in terror, Mr. Brock Sampson! Seriously compare Chuck to Brock, Brock has done way more awesome things (and doesn't have to hock the total gym to make extra scratch!) Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Walker, Texas Ranger!
To mess with one must be suicidal or perpetually inebriated, which explains this picture with Sterling Archer,
If I had to guess this will be how Archer meets his maker.

Well that's my team let's see the rest of the league's rosters!
Fortune and Glory (Days) 
Infinite Hollywood


  1. Nice team! Brock Sampson is always a good choice.

  2. Thanks' I tried to avoid any godlike characters, but Well I couldn't resist puttin gBrock in, the man's just awesome!

  3. I was wondering if anyone was going to bring Quidich into this thing! Great job doing it my friend!

    1. Thanks, I had thought About putting ina decent team for parisi squares or rollerball but didn't get to far in, still gotta like quiddich.

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