Sunday, June 2, 2013

And the cycle renews...

So recent TV news states that Matt Smith, is hanging up his sonic screwdriver and Tardis key, at the end of the current series. This is one of the most ambivalent regeneration a in my mind, because while I like Matt Smith as an actor, much of his run has been pretty crappy. Besides the worst companion to date in River Song (Seriously! worse than like 10 Adrics!), the show just seemed to put too much schmaltz in the doctor /companion relationship. As well as the almot godlike way they seemed to try to turn the doctor into a bit more of a Mary Sue in his own right. Even the set up in Tennant's last episode of the Doctor turned into an exercise in teary eyed nostalgia, and of course ditching the whole of Galifrey annoyed me almost as much as the trying to make the master a much more sympathetic character. but enough about that Matt Smith will be the Doctor no more after the Doctor Who christmas special.

So now comes the big part who will play the new doctor? Of course theories are flying even this early. John Hurt is probably one of the biggest names, and of course the ever popular speculation of the doctor swapping genders. Stephan Moffat had actually done this in the Comic Relief parody of Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and the Curse of the Fatal Death, and he caught quite a bit of hell for it. So we shall see.
So now what? Who do we place in command of the Tardis? Who will end up as the new Doctor? My opinion is we need a break from the more romantic types. David Tennant was a guy that turned many a gal to becoming whovians and as for Smith, people started his run comparing his looks to those of Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, I always thought he looked like a cross between Edward Cullen and Herman Munster.  That aside, The Doctor has changed both in looks and persona many times some more action oriented, some more cerebral, some more hunky, some more parental. So for me let's break from the romantics and go with someone like David Mitchell.

As a comedian with 2  hit comedy shows under his belt, (Peep Show, and that Mitchell Webb look), Mitchell can play the Doctor adding wit and charm to the role, along with his comic irritability harkens back to the earlier Doctors, Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee. He is young enough to not make shocking change like say John Hurt, but is not by any stretch teen heart throb material. Here is a bit from his web series David Mitchell's soap box that may help you see what I mean.

In my mind a perfect person to play the doctor after the way the show has went to bring it back from where it is. That being said I doubt they will cast him. Unless Moffat goes too, we will probably see more of the same from whatever actor turned timelord we should get.

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