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So first off sorry I have been so late on this post, but I have had some family issues and other stuff going on, but now I have a quick moment to blog, so here we go. I suggested this one and I find it hard to come up with a straight answer,but here we go. In difference to Cal, I would love to bring back Firefly. While I will not deny what the show was able to do in 14 scant episodes, just watching how Joss Wheadon's Buffy the vampire slayer went from interestingly watchable to can't turn off the damn DVD player in just a couple of seasons. To me the ultimate testimony to how this show evolved came from my brother who was also a Firefly fan after I showed it to him. I begged him to try Buffy, and my older less geeky guy who works in a quarry brother, only was willing to give the show a chance because he wanted to also borrow my season 1 of Smallville. He almost immediately returned Smallville, because it "sucked" and asked for season 2 of Buffy. then some of his friends ended up borrowing them and next thing I know my disks are all over town. FIrefly had very similar potential to be a great science fiction, even one that could have dwarfed Star Wars and Star Trek, it had all the elements a well defined world, great hooks and most importantly characters that you could get emotionally involved in. I always said how firefly begged to be an RPG just by the characters, in fact my brother's friend Dave, would have made a character just like Jayne, and any GM worth his salt would have treated him to just as much hell. I have even thought that a decent compromise would be to get Joss Wheadon to write a pilot and a few episodes of a new Star Trek series casting Fillion as Commadore Matt Decker, and Giving him a first officer with the last name of Slone (the name of Zephram Cochrane's assistant) granted I was inspired by this pick but damn it it could work!!

As for Brian's wish for more Buck Rogers, I hope this helps, I have heard James Crawley the guy behind the incredible (if not slow to production) Star Trek Phase two has been working on bringing Rogers back to the small screen, (unless your pc is hooked to a projector then, big screen!)

As for Big IV, I hear ya brotha' on the Captain Power, and fond this link to MTV's Geek Page  marked on 3-5-2013 so mayhbe Phoenix Rising is still in the works. Let's hope
As for me, Beyond Firefly for TV I would have to want to bring back DYNAMAN!

I know if you just look at the clip above and don't hit play it looks like a week power rangers rip off, but that's quite the opposite, back in the days before the internet, viral videos were only found on show like nickelodeon's Turkey TV, and USA's Night Flight. and this was the cream of the crop. taking it's concept form the same Sentai shows that would later morph into power rangers (pun intended) the basic differences are two, one they did NOT dare replace the secret identity scenes with localized american actors (they just dubbed the hell out of the original Japanese footage) and 2, it was most definitely not designed to sell action figures to small children. involving a few Kids in the Hall Alums (most notably Mark Mackinney) the show a ritous romp through downtown Tokyo with all the wit and style of MST3000, without the need for shilloettes. plus they added American pop music for the soundtrack, nothing like hearing James Brown's living in America, blasting as a giant robot mothership goes soaring over Tokyo. This show was killed when Saban got the rights for Bandai's sentai series and put that abortion Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on the air. Sure Kimberly was kinda hot, but so was Dynapink!! I would love to see this crew get back together and either finish the dynaman episodes they didn't lampoon or start fresh with another Sentai series (lord knows there aren't enough of them to redub!)

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