Thursday, March 21, 2013

So What is Nerd Rage?

I have tried to blog a few times before with limited results, (either I didn't stick with it, or it seemed to be going no where) but I am rather optimistic about this subject. So you may ask what is "nerd rage"? So here is just a quick sampling of what nerd rage means to me.


When the re-release of a game you love takes all of the games sacred cows to the abattoir

The killing of a comic icon to cheaply boost sales of the comic.

Reviving the comic icon because people cry about him being gone.

What you feel when think about what Fox did to Firefly.

When you have spent hundreds on buying and hours painting an army for warhammer only for the new edition to nerf the hell out of it. 

Finding out your favorite comic is going to become a movie, as little as you have seen in the preview makes you realize they have ruined it. But yet you pay $12.00 to see it in the theatre anyway

finding out that there is going to be a really cool action figure released, only at Comicon, ha ha loser, hope you don't have to pay too much when we gouge you for it on Ebay later.

Watching the kind of jackasses you went to school with who gave you no end of crap for being into comics now rave about the newest comic book movies "Dude totally loved the Avengers, I am so like Tony Stark!" 

Embodied in the character of River Song, Oh how I loathe her marysue Doctor Who ruining ass!

Is seeing how corporate America treats some of your favorite stories, such as using Green Lantern to hock Hot Wheels, or the Hobbit to push crappy food at Denny's

More on this later.

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