Monday, March 18, 2013

Mediocre Movie Monday: Transformers: Dark of the moon!

So why wait until now to review this one? Simple now that it's on netflix I can feel better about seeing it than I did after paying to see the first one in the theatre and the second one as a rental. That beings said I have to admit that it was the best film of the three. Of course the shiniest turd is still a turd. The dark of the moon places a decent amount of energy into a government cover up of the autobot's ark found on the dark side of the moon, and this part was find of interesting. The main issues with the film is it is a  far from stand alone affair, much like praising Revenge of the Sith as the best of the new Star Wars trilogy, you still need the other two as they are referenced constantly. This is even more true of Dark of the Moon. The Autobots still working for the NEST, and Shia Lebouf now complaining about entering the job market without being able to put planetary savior on his resume. Of course Megan Fox wasn't missed, as she was replaced with a blonde British girl replacing her as the token eye candy role. 

Leonard Nimoy made his second appearance voicing a cybertronian, (the first was Galvatron in the animated Transformer movie) as Vector Prime Nimoy added some gravitas to the plot and plays an interesting take on the judas type. Also Patrick Dempsy made a decent villain with an uniquely deep concept. It's not shaespeare but for a movie that was based on a toyline and that got maybe 15% of the lore from the cartoon correct, it wasn't bad. 
regardless I still hate the way they butchered Bumblebee it's a perfect example of what was wrong with Bay's "vision". Bumblebee was a VW beetle, because he was meant to be a link between humans and autobots. He carried no guns, and had was quite talkative. Instead we get a muscle car who talks by suing the radio, I know Volswagon apparently have taken issue with thier car being used to hock "war toys" but he could have just as easily been a Mini Cooper, PT Cruiser or a Fiat. but no, let's make him a mustang! That makes sense! And he can pee on John Totouro! I mean how hard would it be to make a good movie, the cartoon did a better job with a shoestring budget than bay did with Spielburg backing him and an unlimited amount of 'Splosions!  O.K. Rant over.

I give this move one and a half star for it's watchability which is 5 stars more than I would give either of the previous films. 

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