Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh really James? Really?

So I just heard this recently and had to post about it. James Cameron when prompted about his sequel to the 2009 movie Avatar, stated that  unlike Peter Jackson He didn't have a book he could mine, that he was doing this all on his own.

Poor you. Seriously. Poor you Mr. Cameron. Your film was a paper thin plot loosely based on several themes that have been done to death in Hollywood, including but not limited to Ferngully, Dances with Wolves. Pocahontas, and even Transformers, not to mention some of your previous works. You may think that Jackson is just sitting on a couch barking out orders, based on a few chapters, but let's look at the facts Tolkien is more than a book. It is a series with a massive fan base that can turn all kinds of ugly with just a few missteps. Don't believe me Look at Joel Schumacher's Batman, and he didn't even have to follow nearly as closely as jackson has to. had he cast say, Jack Black, or Ryan Reynolds as Bilbo, the film would have been the subject of countless ire on the internet. even an attempt to expand a slim single volume book like the hobbit into 3 films and padding it with cannon Tolkien material has earned him some ill repute. Meanwhile how many people were upset about Sam Worthington being cast as Jake Sully, none, save for maybe a few actors who were also up for the role. why because no one had an attachment to Jake Sully before the movie came out, and just as many have an attachment to him now. No one has wanted more info on Jake Sully no Avatar comics, novels or RPG have been attempted to fill in the blanks. Why because no one cares enough to make these worth doing. In contrast Battlestar Galactica started it's life as an attempt by a TV network to cash in on the Star Wars craze. yet even Classic Galactica had fans talking about Starbuck and Apollo. The revamp even more so, I would continue to to off on your so called opus but I think the folks at Red Letter Media Said it best and put more work in it than I actually want to.

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