Thursday, October 3, 2013

The League of Extrodinary Bloggers- Waddaya Want?

Thinking immediately about Babylon-5, I have to reply "Do not ask this question again!" but seriously, I don't do a ton of garage sales, mostly because i am disappointed in the ones I have gone to recently. However dreams chance and all, I would love to walk into a garage sale, or thrift shop and find this-
The play make SDF-1 playset, it was a cardboard monstrosity that spans 5' in length and designed to serve as a toybox as well as a massive anime themed playset. I had one but it was destroyed in the move of 1991, and honestly I think finding another one would be slightly harder than brokering peace in the middle east, and stopping the government shutdown simultaneously. This want is only exacerbated by paladium's release of Robotech RPG tactics, a miniatures game set in the Robotech world. This would be an amazing piece of terrain to use with the 1.5 inch mecha of that game. Imagine it, swarming with advancing Zentraedi battlepods, and the Veritechs desperately defending their adopted home. god it makes me want to cry.

But there is no point crying over spilled milk, or lost massive space battle cruisers. Of course there are other things I would happy to find as well, such as many of these beauties.

 Starcom was a line of toys by Coleco, maker of the Cabage patch kid, and of course the Coleco Vision. The line was more or less a group of slightly smaller than M.A.S.K. sized astronaut figures with very cool vehicles. Besides some amazing designs, including vehicles designed for modular deployment, many vehicles had movement actions using wind up motors to simulate slow openings or movements like a space vehicle, why no one before or since has employed this is a mystery. The Starmax bomber, one of the coolest vehicles in the line is pictured above, but there are quite a few very cool vehicles, they also sported metal panels and the figures had magnetic feet. This allowed them to look like they were doing space walks and the like, very cool. but also very overpriced on Ebay, so...

So that's my quick list. Here's what the rest of the league wants-

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