Monday, April 22, 2013

You Suck Marion!

Yes I called Pat Robertson "Marion" it's his real name. This sad old Bastard is having yet another go at Dungeons and Dragons. So let me start off this with a bit of history. Marion "Pat" Robertson (he calls himself Pat, as it was his nickname as a kid, and Marion is too feminine for he homophobic jackass. Anyway Marion ran a small christian broadcasting network that had hired a husband and wife team named Jim and Tammy Bakker to produce a christian puppet show, and Bakker did work founding another show called the 700 club. Well it became super popular with it's demographic so Marion (being the money grubbing asshat he is!) ousted the Bakkers and took the show over since then it has been his pulpit.
Marion has used this pulpit to bilk old folks out of their pensions for years, and to pimp christian products while attacking non christian media as "the devil" he also put himself on quite the pedestal, attributing miracles to himself and implying above human powers. just look at this ad for his "Diet Shakes"
He blamed Haiti for the typhoon that hit them in an accusation that seems to come straight out of a bad episode of Star Trek TNG.
and of course for me there is alway his relentless attacks on D&D the game that "Literally destroys lives" I have played D&D/Pathfinder/Warhammer etc. and the most damage it has done to my life is from small minded followers of Marion Robertson proving they are good christians by being self righteous little assholes and chastising me for my hobby. A hobby that encourages literacy, critical thinking, resource management, and teamwork. In short this man is a modern day pharisee, and if there is a god, I hope we see publicly his judgement of this man who uses the words of christ for his own selfish gain. I myself am an atheist, but as I have at least read the bible, I can tell this guy is missing major chunks of it for his own gain.

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  1. Dear Pat Robertson
    Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Have you played D&D? I met Gary Gygax just before he passed. I promise you he is in heaven looking down on you. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I'll pray for you.
    Sincerely a cradle Catholic Social Worker who enjoys D&D