Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chung bao Hotz Tze Hwoon Dhan!

So Fox is now trying to send cease and desist orders to any group of fans who sell Jayne Cobb style knitted hats on the internet. WHAT!?! You treat a show with so much promise and potential like total shit, and then Ripple Junction entered into an agreement to sell officially licensed  hats and now Fox has begun threatening lawsuits  to anyone making and selling them. I don't blame Ripple Junction, nor do I blame Think Geek who sells the official hats on their sites. Nope the blame is all on the shoulders of Fox. Rupert Murdoch's suits couldn't find a decent show with their heads being wedged up their collective asses as far as they are, and yet now some ten years after the show was murdered by these ass wads, they want to shut down fans and sell them wares they make money on. In short fuck them. You had a golden opportunity to have a show that if it had been given a chance to flourish could have made you as much money as Star Trek makes Paramount or Star Wars make Lucas/Disney. You blew it. Fans loved it you killed it, and no the fact that you have held your claws into the rights to the show may mean you have a legal right, but you have no morals here and pissing off your fanbase more is simply adding insult to injury. I am sorry to say you won't be making tons of money from series after series of Firefly action figures and vehicles (I know I would have bought them in an instant) and yeah that talent is now mostly working for Disney (which also owns the rights to your biggest sci fi success story Star Wars which you didn't keep the rights for. In summary Fox proves that after all these years they can still suck more than a dyson vacuum set on high!

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