Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JLA Movie Part-1 How to fix Wonder Woman

This post is inspired by something I read on Topless Robot recently. It was a list of the 8 things DC/Warner Brothers needs to do to get a JLA movie off the ground. and for the most part I kinda agree. But more than that I think many of the things needed to turn the DC universe into the powerhouse marvel has had lately needs more detail. So with that in mind here is my first in a multi part series on what I think would make an excellent lead up and hopefully a good JLA movie.

PART-1, Wonder Woman.

I think it's amazing how many people think this is some massive question mark on how to turn this into a good or even decent film. Yet Thor was a fine film just as mystical just as fantasy and as far fetched as Wonder Woman Yet somehow fraught with less challenges, why? Simple. Thor had less stakes, well that and a penis. Many people focus on Wonder Woman as a sex symbol, and just as a woman and this is in my opinion one of the things that holds the character back. Case in point I have heard people say that Jessica Alba would be awesome for this role because she is "hot" and done comic movies before, but there are more criteria than just a hot girl we can put in a brunette wig. By comparison, women love Robert Pattinson but no girls ever suggested that he should play Thor, he's "hot" according to many, and has done his share of geek films (Harry Potter and the accursed Twilight films at least!) Don't get me wrong Chris Helmsworth was inspired casting. And this is what Wonder Woman needs. This also goes with the costume. The newest attempt at a wonder woman film had Adrianne Palicki dressed in a costume that looked like poor cosplay, but the kind you find at Spencer's gifts. If we try to push the hawtness that will easily supersede the plot and character. What we need is to use a costume and feel that pays tribute to her Amazon or greek fantasy origins. less of this-
And more like this-
As for plot and foes, lets stick to some DC cannon, and to this let's avoid girl villains who seem to be there because girls need to fight girls, this can be a real slap in the face to what wonder woman is, a symbol of empowerment, not just a hawt chick we can get into a catfight (Meao!) My choice, is Ares, god of war. An epic foe with a large story behind it.
In short this is where we need to take this film. Make her a warrior, a hero , not just some hawt chick in a skimpy outfit and you could have an incredible movie.

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