Monday, April 15, 2013


While looking over some of the seething nerd rage caused by the League of Extraordinary blogger's assignment this week I saw this little gem and it reminded me how disappointed I was when I first saw this show. I worked for the TV Station KJMH at the time (your local Fox Station) and I saw that we were getting a redubbed sentai show and it immediately reminded me of Dynaman!

During USA's Night Flight, Dynaman took a Japanese sentai, or "battle team" action show and dubbed it with pop culture references and Mystery Science Theatre style comedy. They also used a rocking 1980s soundtrack. It was comic gold and somewhat more adult than it's original audience would have been. Led by Doctor Ho, The five good looking Japanese friends from all walks of life faced the evil antics of Bernie Tanaka and Mel Fujitsu. So When fox announced this show I was figuring this may be a slightly tamer version, but no instead we got this crap!
Sad as crap, Let's watch more DYNAMAN!

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