Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Poor miss Cassandra Kane, and shame on you DC!

So is it me or is DC really falling so damn low? Cal recently broke a story about the crap they are doing to Harley Quinn, and not soon after we get this. I was initially annoyed with whole new 52 crap that DC put together. From the horrible implementation and inability to keep it's won continuity straight, to the horrible decisions such as trying to steal Marvel's North Star wedding with making green lantern Allen Scott gay, a major character in the most minor of ways. So now there is a new controversy with Batwoman, another gay character. Who their writers have decided would marry her long time love. No big thing, right? No thunder to seal, just an organic part of plot. So how did DC's head honchos handle this? As I said no headlines to grab from Marvel, so no. No same sex wedding for Batwoman. What is the justification for this boneheaded and ultimately homophobic decision? simple, the idea is that heroes shouldn't be happy. Yup, DC's brass stated that allowing Cassandra Kane to marry her love would make her happy, and this would have a negative impact on the character. As heroes should be unhappy and must make sacrifices as part of the heroic journey.

Utter Bullshit.

Sorry to be so blunt but come on! Sure heroes DO have to sacrifice. But that does not mean that she would not be allowed to marry. marriage can be a source of great tragedy. From the obvious hostage the girl trope, to the sheer stress that a double life can have on a relationship. Look at any good cop drama, then remember that donning the suit is not a job, it's optional. She could stop it's not their duty or livelihood. And unlike a cop there are no days when being a superhero is just an office day. Add to that, the fact that her girlfriend is a cop, and you have a perfect recipe for misery and tension. In short. The excuse is a load of crap and DC knows it. The whole staff quit over this, and the only press DC is going to get from this is bad. I think it's time to admit the whole 52 thing was a mistake, and that these tactics simply aren't working.

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