Sunday, September 1, 2013

been a long time, but I'm Back Baby!

So I had another leave from my blog due to internet issues and then life issues on top, but that being said I go away and what the F&*( happened?!?!

First there is this thing about Ben Affleck becoming batman, You know so many people on the internet are freaking out about this one. I'll be fair, he isn't my first choice, but it could be so much worse. However the big scare for me with the new Justice League movies is who they have chosen to take the helm.
Zach Snyder. Look he's much like Affleck, not the worst choice but that doesn't really make him ideal. The oddball homophobic comments in both 300 (Leonidas making fun of the athenians for being both cowards and boy lovers is really odd considering the Spartans were all about fostering young men,) and Watchmen (making oh so subtle hints that Ozymandius was both european and gay, add nothing to the story at all!)make me wince and even without mention of this what he did in Man of Steel really shakes my faith in Superman making a more successful franchise. Wheadon has done an amazing job with the Avengers, and to be fair I am far more of a DC person than a Marvel guy but Marvel has been killing it! DC needs to turn it around and so far Superman/Batman promises to be the next Green Lantern, instead of a contender.  People put to much into the actor, Affleck could kill as Batman, he could suck at it, but I will say I have far more faith in him being a good Batman than Snyder directing/producing an incredible movie.

The new 52 strikes again, this time it's the Main Man that they are after. The last Czarnian, Lobo. Now for those of you who do not know who Lobo is and are reading this on my website, I must say "Wow, I am impressed, I would not have expected you to be reading this and not know who Lobo is but anyhoo here he is."

A crude, rude remorseless bounty hunter feared throughout the galaxy, kinda like Boba Fett, but interesting, cool, and actually effective. Also less silent. He's been rather popular in DC since the 1990s, and like many comic heroes has had his ebbs and flows with being popular. That being said, he's not so lame as to need a severe reboot like some heroes, but DC ever interested in reinventing the wheel as of late has given us this...
WHY GOD WHY!?!?! This isn't like rebuilding some lame old character to make them relevant to today's comic buying audience, this is more of the change for change's sake crap that DC has been selling throughout the new 52, well I AM NOT BUYING! The only way I would give a shit about this new design is if it was part of some new 52 parody where Lobo turn's his new 52 replacement into something the consistency of potato salad, and not that fancy stuff you find in delicatessan the squichy stuff you find in cans... So far 2013 is the becoming the year DC went crazy and ruined it's biggest characters.

Then there was this...
So here's my (admittedly late) take. You may have remembered several years ago, Janet Jackson had a "wardrobe malfunction" at the super bowl, and millions were outraged by how she had sullied the family entertainment that was football, you know someone's leg bends the wrong way and the kids should see it a woman's areola will however scar them for life. but at least in this mock outrage it wasn't expected. However the VMA's are always trying to be shocking, Brittany's spear's striptease, and kissing Madonna, having Russel Brand guest host (apparently being funny at W's expense is worth tons of hate mail and death threats). Add to that the predilection of former child actresses to try to prove they are "adult" by some act of sexual display. Alyssa Milanno starred in Bob Guchionni's Embrace the Vampire, and did a nude scene, Drew Barrymore played Amy Fisher and showed Dave Letterman her boobs, Selena Gomez recently in Spring Breakers and let's not forget Saved by the Bell's Jessie Spanno (Elizabeth Berkeley) doing that artistic film called Showgirls. Put these two facts together and honestly I'm more surprised we haven't seen a band do a full on roman orgy on stage. and to get upset or freaked out that a girl who want's to prove she's a woman by being provocative at a venue that is desperate to generate shock and buzz is like freaking out after watching Star Trek: Into Darkness, because a good chunk of the movie took place in space. Seriously people, Damn.

Well That's it for now, I need a shower after all that, Night all!

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