Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feelin' Blue...

So the league wants the blues, huh? Well you're gonna get the blues!!!
You can't go wrong with Jake and Elwood Blues, after all they are on a mission from god!
Blueprints from the Ogre Cybertank, one of the most badass land vehicles ever made!
Daft Punk, One more time.
My favorite Decepticon,
Lady action, blue shirt, union jack gams like you wouldn't believe what's not to like.
Ted Kord, Blue Beetle, Represent!
More Blueprints, this time Starships. 
The Minbari Shar-Lin Cruiser, big, blue and badass!

As is it's smaller battlecraft, the whitestar!
and Bluestreak, for no real reason.
Ah Nemi, You pick me up when I am feeling blue..

Now, Let's see what the rest of the league is up to...

The Monster Cafe is feeling Blue

Cal seems a bit Asure  but damn that is one nice speed racer cosplay!


  1. I'm kicking myself for not including the Blues Brothers in my own entry. The Minbari cruiser, wow, that brings back some memories!

  2. Really cool stuff. I like the last one a lot, that is really cool. And how fun is Daft Punk? I've really enojyed reading these entries. They are all so cool! I'm seeing all kinds of stuff I've either forgotten about or never even seen before.

  3. Wow, thanks for all the positive responses, EriK, didn't realize you were a Babylon-5 fan, (Always good to see more of us out there!)