Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Justice League movie part 3- Retire the Bat.

This is one of the more radical things I think DC should do for the Justice League movie, but I think it's a big one with 7 recent films, 3 going on 4 cartoon series and innumerable attempts to cash in on his popularity. I am beginning to think see Batman as a greater liability than an asset to the other major DC heroes striking out on their own. There are several reasons for this the first being that Nolan's movies set a bar and tone that whoever they choose to play the dark knight will invariably be judged by.

Even if Christian Bale came back, we still would have issues. For one if he plays a copy of the hyper realistic Batman from the Chris Nolan trilogy, then he would only make the other characters look more cartoony by comparison, something I don't think would benefit the film. If we make him fit the movie move he will just be seen as poor version of a character he nailed in 3 other movies. Which will be the reaction for damn near any actor stepping into his shoes. Whoever is cast as Batman in the Justice League movie will most likely be compared to Val Kilmer or George Clooney's less than stellar performances.

So what do we do, you may ask, I say use Green Arrow in his place. Ollie has the resources, and the same basic abilities, and much like an analogy between Superman and Captain Marvel, puts Billy Batson as same guy different backstory, this holds true for Ollie Queen when compared to Bruce Wayne. Plus Arrow's Sarcastic more heroic do-gooder less spirit of vengance vibe will play well to a comic book film. In fact you could even reference Batman, maybe have Superman suggest that guy from Gotham might be an asset, and have Green Arrow shoot back, I have worked with him he's a bit to lone vigilante for what we are trying to accomplish.

The one obvious down side to using Arrow is comparisons to the Avengers, "Oh sure DC had to put an archer character in to ape Hawkeye" this is why I recommend making him more of an equal in the film. taking Batman's position in the film fully. Maybe the JLA satellite is built by a line item deduction in Queen International's budget, not Wayne Enterprises. I would as I had stated in the previous article in this series cast Nathan Fillion as Green Arrow, he's cocky and self righteous and I think would be a perfect match. This give DC a chance to bank more heroes who haven't been over exposed in the last decade or so and potentially means greater options get demand to make films on these heroes.

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