Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Desert island (League of Extrordinary Bloggers)

This one is a bit of a toughie, so first let's look at what everyone else is suggesting.

vintage toybox
30 year old boy

And now let's cheat. I mean the point of these things is to make you choose just one "best" and sometimes that is harder than not, so here is what I would pick if i had to put my self in this ghastly situation.

Companion (literally) 
Sara Jane Smith (Tom Baker era) yeah, I have a type and she's it. smart, cute as a button, and she's been around the cosmos a few times, but still has that innocence that makes her so appealing.
I mean her stories alone could be quite a lot of entertainment. and she's easier on the eye than Ol Tom was even in his day. So yeah this would be my choice for one fictional character to have on the island.

Wendy's Chicken Cordon Bleu combo meals, with fries and a diet pepsi, this sandwitch was pretty epic, My wife and I started dating last time Wendy's put them on the menu, and she got sick of going to Wendy's because well, Cordon Bleu, If there is a sandwich I would have done the Homer Simpson ribwich thing for this is it. Of course you need the fries and a drink to make it a complete meal.

I am a bit more analogue than many of my coleagues who talked of Tetris and X-box, I am a bit more old school, for me the game is Bolt Action with apr 2000 points of units for each faction and some terrain and gaming table, The benefits of this is that it means tons of customizatin and the painting side of the hobby will also cure a bit of bordom, Sarah Jane can even provide a bit of color comentary seeing as she has probably seen some of this thanks to the Doctor, and yeah she can play brits, I am used to playing Germans anyway. so more flexibility and options than most pc games plus no batteries required or internet connection needed. 


This was the tough one, something we can bear to watch again and again, and not complain about for me that is the 1983 Canadian film ROCK and RULE.
A great little film with an incredible soundtrack, this is the kind of film you can watch over and over and still enjoy, and the music makes for excellent background noise, and it is a movie I would take a date to so I think Sarah Jane could at very least tolerate it more than say, 300, or Die Hard.

So that's My choices, we now return you to your previously scheduled nerd rage already in progress.


  1. Ok so I have never tried the chicken cordon bleu at Wendy's but your food choice totally helped me with mine. I also forgot all about Rock and Rule! Really fun post.

  2. Well, thanks I enjoyed yours as well especially the photos.

  3. Yum! I haven't had Wendy's chicken cordon bleu sandwich in forever. Everyone's posts are making me hungry.