Monday, July 18, 2016


I know it has been quite some time since I have blogged, but sometimes life really gets in the way (as does the PS4). So this blog post is a little different as I am aiming it squarely at the Sega Corporation. back in the day I was that guy who always went Sega over Nintendo, Genesis does what nintendon't was pretty much my mantra. And yes I stuck with them from the days of the Genesis to the last days of the beloved Dreamcast, hell I even went X-box due to them saying it was a spiritual successor to the Sega hardware (and having Toe Jam & Earl, and Panzer Dragoon Orta didn't hurt either.)

Saying all this I have a suggestion/ request for Sega, and yeah I know there is always some legal version of "we can't hear these out for fear you will sue us for using your idea etc, etc. which is why before you put your fingers in your ears and start screaming "LA LA LA I CANNOT HEAR YOU!!" Allow me to say this I, JAMIE L HERBERT BEING OF SOUND MIND IN BODY DO HEREBY PUBLICALLY OFFER THIS IDEA TO SEGA OF AMERICA AND/OR SEGA OF JAPAN WITHOUT EXPECTATION OF RECOMPENCE, REPAYMENT, OR RIGHT TO ANY IP OR PRODUCTS SPAWNED FROM THIS CONVERSATION: There if that doesn't legally put you in the clear I honestly don't know what I can do. So here is my pitch.

Recently Nintendo announced it was releasing a mini version of it's classic NES, with 30 games all in one buy it and be done system, (Not to dissimilar to the new genesis flashback and portable genesis you have been selling with your partnership with @t games, but I digress. You may have also heard a lot of news about the failed Retro VGS/Coleco Chameleon that attempted to sell a multi core retro console for playing everything from Master system to Atari jaguar, and was trying to push this console (in an atari jaguar shell with crappy 3rd person Wii controllers) for upwards of $300.00 So it hit me, you already have a partner making new hardware in the portable genesis, and new genesis flashback. but rather than simply go after the nostalgia parents like a cheap DVD release when a bigger newer movie comes out why not hit the real nostalgia market and release a console people had heard was coming but was never to be, the Sega Neptune!

I know what you are thinking, It's hardly going to outsell the PS4/Xbox One, and who wants a machine that plays games from one successful system, and one failed system. But that is the beauty of this, instead of offering a sealed "one and done" box, offer a unit that can play Genesis and 32x games along with offering the ability to make and sell new carts to any interested parties (in short free, or at least very reasonable) liscensing agreements allowing indy game developers to make new Genesis or 32X games, The cost of the tech should be cheap enough to day to keep the machine under say $120.00 new and give it 2 controllers and a pack in game (Maybe Sonic CD/Sonic & Knuckles, and Knuckles Chaotix, and call the cart Sonic triple threat) with increased cart size even sega CD games could be remastered to cart (or offer a cd drive option)and I think having the option to buy new Genesis and 32X games could appeal both to retro fans who still have those systems, and new fans who will see this inexpensive console as a way to have an established library of classic games, out in the wilds, and new blood. Sure this won't compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft or even Nintendo, but look at the hoards of fans on You Tube alone who would happily champion and pick up this, once unreleased piece of videogaming history. Indy developers can see their games sold on carts on new hardware that supports their old favorites, fans win, At Games and Sega win, and I think if the price and features are right this could be quite profitable, even undertanding that this device will not be built as a "modern console," No heavy OS driven system no updating carts, no internet play. it much like the Coleco Chameleon was offered could be a true retro video gaming hub with a professional name and specs that were already designed to work together. Heck Take it to Kickstarter first if you want, but I would love to see this happen and to see how a product like this could put Sega on the map again! 

thanks for listening. 

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