Friday, July 26, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Feels like the first time.

So first off sorry I haven't been around for a while, I have had a lot of family and other obligations that have kept me away hopefully this won't happen again-

Feels Like the first time-  I guess for me it would be my first car. I was not paricularly quick to start driving for several reasons, but once I got my licsense I pretty well made up my mind that I wanted a car to get me around.  My brother inherrited a family car, but not I oh no. I had to buy my own a friend of mine had offered to sell me his car and I jumped at the chance, I payed less for that car than I did for my Genesis $125 American, and it was worth every penny. The car was a Dodge Aspen / Plynmouth Volare, parted together. This was the epitome of the Piece of Shit car. All steel, white puke green and rust in color, zzthe car had a hole in the driver side underbelly that would allow for an emergency Fred Flintstone braking maneuver.

But it was MINE!!! my first real sense of freedom! I could leave town, Drive to work, school, or just cruise around. and it was a ticket to freedom. Well I got into a wreck in the first week, and while the car survived without incident, My folks went nuclear and after a cooling off period I could again drive around.  To give a sense of time to the story, My good friend Jeremy, a bit later went on to recant my foolish accident, "what an idiot" to his girlfriend just long enough distracted at laughing at my freshman driving skills, that he got into a crash himself. When I was hanging out with Kim (our mutual friend) we were going to go meet Jeremy at a local Chinese Resteraunt. I had to give him all 666 levels of hell for this one, AWWWWWW Yeah, so I sauntered into the Great Wall, and said "So, Jeremy heard you had a little fender bender, (this had apparently just happened) Jeremy Jumped up grabbed me by my shirt and shrieked, Jamie, You don't understand THE MAN HAD A PHONE,,,, IN HIS CAR!!!" Working as a cell tech today, I have access to the high end cell phones, I currently carry an android smartphone with a dual core 1.2 GHZ processor, 32GB Storage, and high speed internet access. and It's far from our top of the line (I am due for a new one in about 4 months). But at this time only the ultra rich had cell phones, Heck I was the guy who bragged about my Sega Genesis and later Sega CD. Jeremy was wigged out by the sight of this guy's car phone because neither of us could even afford the monthly payments.

out of high school I had a job working at KJMH Burlington's only TV station, and a public joke. I worked the weekend midnight to 8AM shift. I had left the lights on in my car, and the cops found it downtown, presumably abandoned, at 2AM, they called my mom, woke her up, and as they explained that the car was left windows open, lights on they were concerned someone had stolen it, my mom laughed, "seriously?!  why would anyone steal THAT car!" and called me to run down and turn off the lights.

My parents worried about the safety of this car, and finally when My stepdad got a new one, I got a decent car, my stepdads 1984 plymouth reliant, which he had gotten at auction and was originally used as a company car. the only caveat was I had to sell the junker. Fair enough, I traded it to a fellow gamer I hung out with for 3 Star Wars RPG supplements from West End Games, (rebel alliance sourcebook, Imperial Sourcebook, and Star Wars Sourcebook). All in all it was a fair trade.

So Let's see what the rest of the league is up to!

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